In light of the ongoing conflict, the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation, together with its Working Groups, have been exploring ways to ignite a credible negotiated settlement to the conflict. Amidst the recent atrocities in the Southern Cameroons, there are heightened calls for international intervention, and for Southern Cameroonian leadership to take full responsibility and engage in meaningful collaboration. As a consequence, the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations is hosting a virtual series.

Topic: “An Overview from the Working Groups with Special Reports from the Governance and the Mediation and Negotiations Working Groups”

Time: Sunday August 16, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada). 08:00 PM Buea Time

Dr. John Ajongwen, Senior Marketing Director at World Financial Group

Julius Nde, Mediation and Negotiations Working Group & Acting Director of the Sam Soya Center for Democracy and Human Rights, Europe office

Dr. Lilian Atanga, Governance Working Group & Fulbright scholar at the University of Florida

Dr. Gabila Nubong, Socio-Economist to European Union Delegation to South Africa & Senior Lecturer, School of Economics of the North West University – South Africa

The Coalition once again calls on all Southern Cameroonians to emphasize collaboration because what unites us is greater than what divides us.