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We are always eager to hear from you!

Below are several actions you can take to engage with different units within the Coalition for Dialogue.


Enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of being a CDN member.


Make a charitable donation to support a cause championed by the CDN.

Council of Elders

Reach out to the Council of Elders with your questions or suggestions.


Contribute your time or services to a cause or initiative championed by the CDN.


Reach out to the CDN with your messages, suggestions or questions.


Suggest a constructive idea that can help the CDN fulfill its mission and vision.

Capacity Building

Become a peacebuilder in your community. Join an effort to make a difference in your locality.


Get notified or participate in CDN webinars or other public virtual events.

Local Training

Sustainable Peacebuilding is a process. Sign up for local training or sign up as a trainer. 

Strategic Partner

Does your mission and vision align with ours? Work with the CDN on mutually-beneficial initiatives.

Request Updates

Stay on top of all key updates or important news. Join our mailing list and get the news as it breaks.

Media Inquiries

We value the Media. Reach out to the CDN if you have any questions or need our perspective.