The CDN is committed to building
sustainable peace in the Gulf of Guinea
by ending the war in Cameroon through
internationally-mediated negotiations
without preconditions.

“…I share your concerns…concerns in Cameroon recently, particularly violence directed at the Anglophone population – so there’s a whole series of places where we have challenges where I think the United States can help make a difference, and that starts with being engaged.” ANTHONY BLINKEN, JANUARY 21, 2021

The Coalitions's Focus Areas

In November 2020, The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations organized a virtual international conference with over 4,000 participants and viewed by tens of thousands of Southern Cameroonians. The conference ended with a series or resolutions by the people of the Southern Cameroons which has shaped the activities of the CDN. These activities are organized into the following 4 key pillars:

The Southern Cameroons

Stakeholders from the Southern Cameroons at home and abroad

The International Community

key geopolitical and international stakeholders

Strategic Partnerships

Stakeholders aligned to the CDN's mission, vision and success

Media Outreach & Communication

Media stakeholders who can contribute to the CDN's mission

The Southern Cameroons Premier E.M.L Endeley and Speaker of the House P.M Kale welcome and congratulate Dr. John Ngu Foncha as the second Prime Minister of The Southern Cameroons on January 28, 1959. The Southern Cameroons on January 24, 1959 demonstrated to the world a splendid lesson of democracy when elections organized by Premier Endeley (KNC) were marginally won by the opposition Foncha (KNDP) in the first peaceful democratic transition of power in sub-Saharan Africa from a ruling party to the opposition. Dr. Foncha with 14 deputies in The Southern Cameroons House of Assembly of 26 seats became the Premier.


Coming together to build Sustainable Peace

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations (CDN) is a United States based 501(c) 3 international non-governmental organization (INGO) whose goal is to facilitate dialogue and seek a negotiated resolution and an end to the armed conflict in Cameroon. CDN is made of professionals and over 20 partner organizations worldwide advocating for an end to the civil war in Cameroon. CDN members come from all walks of life and work with CDN’s partners to strengthen international involvement in resolving the conflict and building durable peace in the conflict affected territories.
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Partner Organizations


Key StrategicPillars


A future of limitless possibilities

The Coalition is engaged in discussions with different stakeholders within the international, diplomatic, political, and humanitarian arenas as well as stakeholders within the Southern Cameroons community, including church leaders and civil society organizations. Going forward CDN is focused on the following priorities:

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Partner Organizations

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Professional Resources

The Southern Cameroons leaders march over the Mungo River in June 1995 after returning from a UN visit to seek redress over the fate of The Southern Cameroons. Directly behind the flag are S.T Muna, Sam Ekontang Elad, Dr. john Ngu Foncha and Mola Njoh Litumbe.


The Southern Cameroons

CDN has constituted a Council of Elders following a long and thoughtful process that included a survey of Southern Cameroonians and consultations, followed by a careful selection process to respect the wishes of Southern Cameroonians and ensure representation and gender diversity.

Mola Njoh Litumbe, first Chartered Accountant from The Southern Cameroons, Moral Leader and Civil Rights Activist.

Council of Elders

CDN has constituted a new Council of Elders following a long and thoughtful process that included a survey of Southern Cameroonians, followed by a careful selection process to respect the wishes of Southern Cameroonians and ensure regional and gender diversity.

Recruit 10 Members

10 Members Vested

Database of Atrocities

On February 12, 2021 the Coalition for Dialogue & Negotiation launched a new online tool and website for reporting atrocities and human rights violations in the Southern Cameroons. The goal is to collect accurate data that can be used to identify perpetrators of gross and serious human rights violations, to accurately report atrocities and crimes against humanity to seek justice for victims.

Start: January 2021

Launch: March 2021

Training of Women Groups on Diplomatic Communications

CDN hosted a training to build the capacity of women groups on diplomatic communications and advocacy, including oral and written briefs to diplomats as well as presenting the Southern Cameroons case to an international audience and calls to actions targeting the audience(s).

10 Groups Trained

20 Goal

Victims of the Ngarbuh Massacre of February 14, 2020

Humanitarian Support

CDN provides grants to humanitarian groups to carryout micro projects for refugees and IDPs as well as provide medical and farming tools to women and girls who have engaged in small scale farming. These grants contribute to alleviating the sufferings of the refugee and IDP populations forcefully displaced by the conflict.


4 Organizations

10 Goal


The International Community

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations has contributed and stays committed to the following initiatives in the international, diplomatic and political communities:

United State Senate Resolution 684

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation contributed in advocating and passing of the bipartisan U.S. Senate Resolution 684 sponsored by Senator James Risch. CDN also led an information session to analyze the resolution and the potential global impact.

2020 Initiation

2021 Completion

Inter-Parliarmentary Forum to Support SR-684

Following the passage of Resolution 684, CDN worked with Parliamentarians of over 15 countries, including France, German, Ireland, Liberia, the Gambia, Kenya, South Africa, Canada, and others to form a global coalition of Parliaments inspired by the U.S. example. The goal of this engagement is to encourage other parliaments to pass similar resolutions or act in their respective nations within the spirit of U.S. Senate Resolution 684.

2020 Initiation

2021 Completion

Dr. John Ngu Foncha (Premier of the Southern Cameroons) and Ahmadou Ahidjo (President of La Republique du Cameroon) at the Foumban Conference of 1961.

Roadmap to Peace in the Southern Cameroons

The Coalition in engaged with several international stakeholders. Many of these stakeholders including the Vatican, the United Nations, and other countries in Africa and beyond, have requested a road map to peace to inform their engagement. In consultation with CDN’s working groups, roadmap to peace in Southern Cameroons was developed and shared.

2020 Start

2021 Achieved

Assessment and Policy Webinars

CDN has hosted webinars with representative of different parliaments including presentations to different foreign relations committee to present an assessment of the conflict and demonstrate how these assessments can be used to inform policy.

2020 Initiated

Ongoing Goal


Strategic Partners

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations is engaged with its network of partner in carrying out different initiatives and committed to strategic partnerships that help meet the Coalition’s goals:

Letter to US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken

On April 6, 2021 CDN and some of its partners wrote an open letter to Secretary Antony Blinken expressing grave concern on the escalating armed conflict in Cameroon. CDN’s partner NGOs, including the World Council of Churches, Presbyterian Church USA, Refugee Council of Australia, and others cosigned the letter. This letter prompted an immediate response from the National Assembly of Cameroon, signed by its members including the Bureau of the Cameroon National Assembly.

April 2021 Started

April 2021 Complete

Human Rights First and Targeted Sanctions for Perpetrators of Right Abuses

The Coalition is leveraging its membership and partnership with Human Rights First to advocate and make informed submissions for the imposition of sanctions to individuals and entities involve in committing serious and gross human right violations and atrocities in the armed conflict in the Southern Cameroons.

Classified Submissions Target

Classified Submissions Goal

Engagement Meetings

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations attends off-camera meetings with several strategic international stakeholders in different countries across the globe, including think tanks in the United States, the United Kingdom, Kenya, South Africa and a host of others. These stakeholders have direct access and play critical roles in shaping foreign policy and engagement of their governments in the armed conflict in the Southern Cameroons.

2020 Started

Classified Target

Information Hearings

At the request of international human rights and humanitarian organizations, the Coalition has attended off-camera hearings with different organizations to shed light on the escalating humanitarian and human rights situation in the Southern Cameroons. Informed by data sourced from the Coalition’s database of atrocities, CDN provides quarterly information to these stakeholders, including those within the United Nations system.

2020 Started

Classified Target


Media Engagement

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations is committed to building a media network to advocate, educate, and pressure warring parties to dialogue and bring the civil war to a negotiated end:

International Media

The Coalition is engaged in providing an unbiased assessment to international media outlets including to their Cameroon correspondents to ensure an accurate assessment of the conflict is reported. CDN holds regular information and assessment meetings with reporters of international media outlets and provides real time data to inform reporting, and to counter disinformation and misinformation.

Jan 2021 Kickoff

December 2021 Transition

Local Media

The Coalition believes local media is critical in educating civilians, report cases of right abuses, shaping national policy responses to the armed conflict. CDN is committed to working with local media outlets and engage in ensuring robust debates and accurate reporting is done to shape national and international responses.

Jan 2021 Kickoff

December 2021 Transition

Strategic Media Engagement

CDN contracted a strategic communication firm with experience in dealing with Congress and the State Department to develop a database of contacts and arrange meetings including reaching out to media correspondents attached to these institutions.

2020 Kickoff


Press Briefings and Stakeholder Liaison

The Coalition believes in providing a channel for delivering clear messages and encouraging open communication with stakeholders and understands that briefings prevent rumor and the grapevine from gaining credibility. Our communications team is dedicated to informing people about CDN’s work, and also to listening and responding to questions.

$25,270 Raised

$30,000 Goal


The Impact of the war in the Southern Cameroons

Below are key indicators derived from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Situation Report as of June 3, 2021

0 M+

People affected

0 K+

Internally-displaced Persons


Cases of Gender-based Violence in March

0 M+

People targeted for assistance

0 K+

Refugees in Nigeria

0 %

Cases of Gender-based Violence against children

"There is a significant increase in
gender-based violence impacting children"

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