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Peace is only possible through frank dialogue and negotiations


It is now very clear that the conflict in Cameroon will not be resolved without broad-based dialogue and negotiations between the armed restorationist (separatists) and the Cameroon government. It is also very clear that the economic and social reconstruction of Anglophone Cameroon (Southern Cameroons) will not be possible without a robust and well-coordinated effort by citizens, various community groups and Southern Cameroonians abroad.

That is why the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations was established. The Coalition is open to individuals who are willing to work actively to facilitate a genuine negotiation between parties in conflict and will put in place a detailed framework to ensure a robust economic recovery afterwards. Join us in this very difficult task.


The Coalition works to achieve the following:

  • International pressure for a ceasefire – aggressive campaign to force a negotiated ceasefire

  • International Conference on the Conflict – given that such a conference cannot freely take place in Cameroon, all attempts will be made to organize this out of the country

  • Engage all stakeholders for state-building – appropriate planning and engagement is critical to reconstruction efforts


The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations (CDN) is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) with specific goal to facilitate dialogue and negotiation towards ending the Anglophone war in Cameroon. CDN is made of professionals from all works and over 20 partner organizations worldwide advocating for an end to the Anglophone war in Cameroon. CDN members will work with its partners to strengthen international involvement in resolving the conflict and building durable peace in the conflict affected territories.

  • Educate Anglophones to participate in processes and understand options towards resolving the conflict.
  • Engage the government of Cameroon
  • Report on trends and impact of conflict to stakeholders.
  • Inform the international community of the implication of the conflict on international peace and security.
  • Propose informed solutions to the conflict

As the bloody Anglophone conflict entered its third-year calls from various stakeholders, the diplomatic community, national and international non-governmental organizations and thought leaders demanded inclusive dialogue between the government and armed separatists. The need for establishing a credible coalition of key stakeholders to better facilitate dialogue and negotiations became very clear.

A small group of thought leaders began actively discussing the possibility of such a coalition in July 2019. These leaders included Dr. Denis Foretia, Judith Nwana, Henry Atem Oben and Valentine Fontama. Over the ensuing months the urgency of the situation led to the establishment of the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations in November 2019.

We reaffirm our deep commitment to organizing, advocating and spearheading frank negotiations that would lead to a durable peace and lay the groundwork for a robust and sustained economic recovery in the affected region.

  1. Respect and dignity of all
  2. Commitment to Social Justice
  3. Integrity and Accountability
  4. Collaboration and Inclusiveness

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