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About The Coalition

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations (CDN) is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) with specific goal to facilitate dialogue and negotiation towards ending the war in the Southern Cameroons. CDN is made of professionals from all works and over 20 partner organizations worldwide advocating for an end to the war. CDN members will work with its partners to strengthen international involvement in resolving the conflict and building durable peace in the conflict affected territories.


To facilitate dialogue, negotiation and a return to lasting peace in Anglophone Cameroon (Southern Cameroons).


CDN is created with two (2) main goals:

  1. Complete resolution of the Anglophone conflict.
  2. Restore lasting peace through Justice, Reconciliation and Reconstruction.

Steering Committee

A core group of well-known and respected individuals and NGOs form the steering committee of CDN and implement CDN’s roadmap and goals. The steering committee is empowered with a CDN secretariat, serving to ensure cooperation and provide crucial strategic activities of CDN. Steering committee members include:


The secretariat ensures the smooth day-to-day operations of the Coalition.

Rick Ferreira, MA

Executive Director

Rick Ferreira is the Executive Director of the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations. He holds an MA in Democracy & Governance from Georgetown University as well as a BA in Political Science from the University of Florida. His studies focus on democratization, international relation, anti-corruption reform, and authoritarian resilience. He has worked in academia and private sector administrative roles. He is committed to the promotion of liberal democratic ideals, the protection of human rights, and the pursuit of peace.

Advisory Board

The advisory board brings together influential stakeholders

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