Southern Cameroons Conference Recap

//Southern Cameroons Conference Recap

We did it!!!

Despite the political differences amongst Southern Cameroonians, we were able to bring together all factions and political ideologies to the Southern Cameroons Conference last week.

Thank you.

The Coalition would like to take this opportunity to express its heartfelt appreciation to you for your active participation during this very important conference. Your efforts in supporting the CDN and the Southern Cameroonian people in this important undertaking are invaluable. To put our joint achievements into perspective:

  • Over 1200 delegates accredited the conference.
  • Over 72,000 people engaged via online streaming.
  • International guest speakers included a former head of state, former ambassadors, and active parliamentarians from 7 different countries in Africa, the U.S.A, and Europe.
  • 28+ panelists from across the globe contributed on 5 different panels on key topics relevant to the armed conflict in Southern Cameroons.
  • Over 820 Southern Cameroon experts registered, while over 500 actively participated in the 7 Working Groups created by the CDN. The Working Groups sub-areas included: Education, Peace and Security, Health and Humanitarian, Judiciary and constitutional affairs, Economic reconstruction, Governance, Mediation, and Negotiations.
  • Over 3700 Southern Cameroonians from around the world, but with a majority from Southern Cameroons took part in a historic survey that highlighted the political and governing preferences for Southern Cameroonians.

In the coming days, we will be sending you a complete report of the conference.

Once more thank you for your participation and contributions and we look forward to your continuous support going forward.


The Steering Committee

Memorable Quotes from the Southern Cameroons Conference


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