Virtual Forum Three

Date: August 2nd at 3 pm EST

Topic: “Resolving Armed Conflicts for Self-Determination in Africa: Key Considerations and Case Comparisons

July 27th, 2020-(London | Berlin | Washington D.C)–The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation (CDN)‘s Virtual Forum Series will address the importance of lessons learned in resolving armed conflicts by examining cases from the African context. We hope to highlight the essential criteria for resolving the conflict in the Southern Cameroons. Our Virtual Forum series seeks to provide space for both international actors and Southern Cameroonians to share practical and evidence-based solutions, comparative analysis, and concrete approaches for seeking peace through negotiation, as well as, discussing human rights and humanitarian considerations during negotiations and post negotiation.

Join us Sunday, August 2nd at 3 pm EST, to hear from our distinguished panelists and participate in the discussions. From this webinar, we hope to examine a series of case studies in order to better understand the armed conflict in Southern Cameroons and how it could be resolved using methods established in the past. 

Moderated by:

Dr. Suzanne Ghais, Adjunct Professorial Lecturer atAmerican University’s School of International Service

Panelists include:

Dr. Walters Samah, Interim Board Vice-President of Communities in Transition

Dr. Kathleen Cunningham, Associate Professor in the Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland

Ambassador Liberata Mulamula, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Barrister Caroline Mbinkar, Co-Investigator and Lead Advisor on the “Voices from the Cameroon Conflict” Project

In conjunction with the Virtual Forum series and other initiatives the Coalition will continue to call for the international community and local stakeholders to engage forcefully to end the ongoing armed conflict in the Southern Cameroons. The Coalition maintains its push for a negotiated settlement of this conflict under the auspices of credible actors within the international community. The continued fighting in the Southern Cameroons has resulted in more than 12,000 Southern Cameroonian dead or imprisoned along with at least 700 of the Republic of Cameroon’s security forces and administrative personnel dead. Over 300 villages have been razed, displacing more than 900,000 people with over 70,000 seeking refuge in other countries including Nigeria and the United States. An estimated one million children have been unable to attend school for the past three years. Approximately 1.9 million face severe hunger and other humanitarian crises. The attempts by the Republic of Cameroon have failed to quell the armed conflict because they fail to address the root causes. Only in coming together to examine and discuss the complexity of the conflict and the humanitarian disasters created in the wake of this struggle will the world be able to find peace. 

We hope you will join us the Sunday, August 2nd, but also consider attending the culmination
of our Virtual Forum series:

The Coalition endeavors to share current reports information on the armed conflict and the Coalitions efforts on our website: Please consider attending our Virtual Forum series to discuss and learn more about the situation in the Southern Cameroons.

About the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation is a U.S. based organization of professionals with ties or origins in the Southern Cameroons. The Coalition believes in the protection of human rights and negotiation as the single most reliable form of engaging warring parties for sustained peace in the Southern Cameroons. The Coalition is engaged in pursuing peace in the Southern Cameroons through evidence-based approaches for lasting peace.

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