June 3, 2020-(London | Berlin | Washington D.C)–The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation (CDN), has concluded consultations with Washington D.C. local health officials and George Washington University event management team about the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and the prospect of holding the three (3) day International Conference on the Armed Conflict in the Southern Cameroons” at the George Washington University in June 2020. The coalition has equally consulted with its partners within the international community. Putting the safety of all participants first, the Coalition hereby announces its decision to postpone the conference to a later date that can be worked out with the University and partners once safety and travel concerns return to normal. While the pandemic prevented us from meeting in person this June, it did not diminish our determination to carry on with important conversations about the ongoing armed conflict in the Southern Cameroons.

The Coalition is therefore announcing the launch of Virtual Forum Series starting June 07, 2020. These virtual forums will provide space for both international actors and Southern Cameroonians to share practical solutions, comparative analysis, and concrete approaches towards peace through negotiation as well as effective frameworks for post negotiation. This web-based series adds to the hard work being undertaken by over 200 Southern Cameroonians in the Coalition’s seven Working Groups. The online platform will equally provide an opportunity for Southern Cameroonians to hear from members of the different Working Groups and ask important questions.

The first four virtual forums will focus on:

Sunday June 07, 2020, 3 PM EST

The Role of the International Community in the armed conflict in the Southern Cameroons,

Panelists: Prof. Terrence Lyons, Ambassador Herman J. Cohen (ret.), and Prof. John Mbaku

Moderator: Sandra Tombe

Sunday July 5, 2020, 3 PM EST

Human Rights and Humanitarian disasters during armed conflicts: the role of international NGOs,

Sunday July 19, 2020, 3 PM EST

Resolving Armed Conflicts for Self-Determination in Africa: Key Considerations and case comparisons and

Friday July 31, 2020, 3 PM EST

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation: An Overview from the Working Groups,

The Coalition is continuously engaging with key actors within the international community and remains committed to its principles and goals. As we closely monitor the evolution of actions taken by the United States and other governments; we will continue to build momentum for the conference as well as maintain pressure for the international community and local stakeholders to engage forcefully to end the ongoing armed conflict in the Southern Cameroons.

Continued fighting in the Southern Cameroons has since 2017 reportedly resulted in more than 12,000 deaths, arbitrary arrests, and imprisonment of Southern Cameroonians. The government of the Republic of Cameroon reported the killing of at least 700 of its security forces and administrative personnel. Over 300 villages have been razed forcing the displacement of more than 900,000 and over 60,000 seeking refuge in other countries including Nigeria and the United States. An estimated one million children have been unable to attend school for the past three years, and approximately 1.9 million face severe hunger and other potential humanitarian crises. Several attempts of the government of the Republic of Cameroon to quench the armed conflict without addressing the root causes have continued to fail.

The Coalition will keep you updated with every new information pertaining to this armed conflict and the international conference. The conference website https://aic.coalitionfdn.org will also be updated regularly. Thank you for accepting to be part of this conference and looking forward to seeing you when we can do so safely. We are deeply sorry for the inconveniences this postponement may cause you.

Panelists for Webinar on June 07th

The Role of the International Community in the armed conflict in the Southern Cameroons

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